Saturday, 25 February 2012


Message from the Galactic Federation  2/25/12

Hand-in-hand we shall overcome all obstacles before us. There exists no one and there exists nothing that can stand in our way. You, as a 3rd dimensional human, have fared greater challenges and adversities than what you are experiencing today and we believe in you, all of you, and we know you can get through these last difficult times of your journey together and emerge out of it into the light of the higher realms. This is your goal. This is the main reason for your current incarnation and you are almost there. Do not let anything slow or stop you now, as nothing can.

Try to look at everything as a challenge that has been purposely placed before you, for indeed this is most often the case. Try not to look at your troubles and think “Oh, poor me, another problem”, and instead look upon these obstacles as another challenge that you will conquer, and emerge that much stronger on the other side. This is how we see your journey every step of the way, and this visualization technique may assist many of you to head into yet another test of your will and determination with renewed vigor and fortitude.

Up ahead we see better days for all of you, far better days, but we also see additional challenges as well. Prepare yourselves for both, and you will fair a lot better throughout these challenging times. All along your long journey you have received challenges that you were forced to overcome somehow, someway, but you also received help and guidance from above even if another of your human family was enlisted in this effort.

Today, we see many of you coming to the aid of your brothers and sisters and we are overjoyed at the display of brotherly and sisterly love for one another. How far you have all come in such a short period of time. You all have stellar families are looking on in admiration for your efforts to assist one another in your times of need and they are so proud of each and every one of you. They will be able to express their feelings to you personally in the days ahead when you will enjoy a long deserved reunion with them. We see this day approaching quickly, and each successive day we see further obstacles removed that today keep us apart.
Much continues to develop behind the scenes and we would like to share with you a little of what has been going on. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, have many divisions whose task it is to seek out and neutralize any hostile forces that wish to interfere with us as we offer assistance to worlds such as yours. Here in your world we have encountered a fighting force of reasonably substantial size and strength, but nothing we have not dealt with before and nothing we cannot handle in any way. Our teams are actively scouting for these hostile forces, and upon locating them we neutralize them and remove them from this area of space without any attempt to harm any personnel within these crafts, although the same cannot be said for our opposition as they continually make every effort to harm our personnel with everything that they have got.

We of the higher dimensions do not allow our emotions to overcome us and we see these soldiers as souls who have more learning and growth ahead of them, as do we all. No one in this universe has completed all their lessons and has learned all there is to know, and when one realizes this, a door is opened to greater avenues of knowledge and wisdom.

Upon incarceration of the soldiers of your dark Cabal, they begin a reeducation program where they first learn who they are fighting for and risking great personal injury and their lives for. Upon learning just who is behind their forces and their governments as well, a great deal of these men and women experience great disbelief and choose instead to believe it is we that are deceiving them. It is only after showing them clear evidence of this do they only begin to believe they may have been lied to, duped by cunning and ruthless minds behind many of your governments and military forces.

As part of a rehabilitation program we allow these men and women to observe our working and social environments for themselves. Here they can observe us in our natural environments and begin to realize, perhaps for the first time, that we are not the enemy and that we are in your world on a mission not to conquer, plunder and enslave, as they have been told time and again by their military superiors as part of their indoctrination program, but we are here on a mission of service to humanity, to assist them make the many changes that will advance your society greatly and relieve the suffering of every man, woman and child on your planet. This is what we do, and although many refuse to believe this for a time, most eventually do come to the realization of our honorable intentions.

There are many nonmilitary personnel within your world as well who have bought into the propaganda that we are here with hostile intent, and as we ourselves cannot extend these individuals the same rehabilitation program as the others, this task can be accomplished by our Lightworkers in the field. This is an area you are better equipped for and we ask you at this time to share your light and your truths of who we are and what our intentions are here. This will eventually clear the way for our reunion with you as we remove yet another obstacle from our path.

Today there remain many of your world who fear us, and we do have to compete with the never-ending parade of propaganda displayed through your television and film industry. We understand that many humans are quite susceptible to the information handed to them through such medium, and we do have plans to counteract this barrage of falsehoods and allow those who yet to see a clearer picture of us view an alternative explanation to our purpose here. We ask for your continued assistance helping to spread the truth about us and our intentions, and we thank each and every one of you for your tremendous efforts to inform your brothers and sisters.
As we have said, we do have many projects that we feel are imperative to begin immediately, and we are making every attempt to clear the paths so we may safely begin. Our Earth allies are responsible, with our assistance, for the task of rounding up and incarcerating a significant number of members of your criminal Cabal that will effectively destroy their treacherous organization.

We stand by at this time for the news that those many arrests have been undertaken and as always remain fully prepared for any countermeasures by the military units who yet stubbornly remain aligned with the dark ones. It was never expected that all of your Armed Forces would end their alliance with those of the dark agenda, and we have plans for them as well. If these groups insist upon noncompliance with your new system they too will be removed from their current locations and begin their reeducation program.

Upon working with us, many of you may be interested in such positions where you will interact with incoming soldiers and help facilitate their reeducation programs. Who better to work with these men and women than someone from their own human family? We see many walls of trust being broken down immediately when the soldiers can meet and speak with someone from their own country or even city. We see the rehabilitation process proceeding far more quickly and efficiently with the assistance of those of your world, and we look forward to enlisting the help of many from your human family.

There are many other positions as well where the assistance of those of your world would be greatly beneficial, and these assignments too will be available to you in the coming days ahead when we feel we can safely interact with you. We will make every attempt to keep you abreast of all relative developments towards this goal, and we will make clear at the appropriate time the procedure to make your intentions known that you are interested in beginning a new career with us of the Galactic fleets. We see many of you are looking forward to this opportunity, and we are extremely pleased at the willingness of so many of you to take part in our efforts in service to others. It will be a joy to work together with you, and we look so forward to this occasion where we can begin our initial orientations with you.

Turning towards matters of humanity's ascension, we see matters proceeding perfectly according to plan, and we will not permit any delays at this time as time is now running short and there is much yet to accomplish to clear your path for as smooth a transition into the higher realms as is possible.

Many of you have astutely taken notice of your days that may appear to pass by at an ever advancing rate. Time is compressing for you and this will appear as if time is speeding up and we say to you that the period between today and the culmination of your ascension will elapse far more quickly than you may imagine at this time. Before you know it, December will be upon you and much at that time will have needed to be accomplished.

Details of all the different projects that must be accomplished we will make clear to you when the time is deemed appropriate, and we will need to fill many positions required for these tasks. We will make every attempt to give you as much prior notice as possible of the many positions available so you will have sufficient time to reach a decision as to which positions you would be interested in. You will then begin your training as soon as possible as some of these positions require much training and study on your part.

We feel there will be those interested in every field that will be available, and we see that we will also have many backup personnel on call, fully trained as well. This is the preferred procedure as we must always have personnel available to fill every position and station on- board our craft at all times for the proper functioning of our fleets.

You will also receive training that will educate you as to the makeup of the many fleets of the Galactic Federation of Light and also other Galactic commands as well. You will learn the size of our fleets and their structure, and their organization from top to bottom. You will learn the ranks of our personnel and how to identify each of them and what powers and duties each rank possesses.

You will also be fully instructed on the many different types of spacecraft that make up our vast fleets and what each craft has been designed for and what capabilities each craft possesses. Each type of craft is manned by personnel specific to the function of a particular ship, and you will be trained to identify each ship by size and shape and immediately recognize their function and capabilities. We have many different types of craft, all with different functions, and learning all of these will have you busy for quite a while.

You will also be making many new friends once a member of the Galactic Federation of Light, and many adventures and good times await you and the launch of your new career. We look so forward to this day and assure you again it is not far off in the distance.

Keep up the fine work you are all doing paving the way for our arrival. We see you making great headway, and we ask you to keep up the pace of your efforts as we are almost there. This day will come, believe this, and do not let any doubt create another obstacle that will have to be removed.

It is important to understand that not all obstacles are physical, and many obstacles exist and are created by the thought processes of your individual as well as collective mind. Fear, doubt, distrust, disharmony, discord, all play an important part in our mutual attempts for a mass first contact between us. These negative thought processes create obstacles, blockages that must be removed before we can proceed with our plans. Removal of these blockages may be rather simple, or may require great time and effort.

The greater the level of fear or distrust, the greater the task of removal. Your Cabal understands this, and this is one of the reasons for their continued efforts to instill fear within your societies through their propaganda campaigns. As so many of your world readily buy into these attempts, we must busy ourselves with damage control to lessen the blow of these efforts of the dark ones. This is another reason why your efforts as Lightworkers to spread the truth of who we are and why we are here is so important at this time. As we have said, our mission together cannot be accomplished without your help. Please continue to shine your light all throughout your circles and throughout your reach of influence as your efforts are so important to the successful accomplishment of our joint mission. Your efforts are greatly appreciated at this time, and we again assure you they will not go unrewarded.

We are so very close to reaching the first milestone of our campaign, and we suggest again to you to monitor your media outlets for the news of the arrests of the men and women of the criminal Cabal that will be your signal that it is time for the immediate implementation of the next phase of our operation. There will not be a prolonged period of inactivity between these two phases, and we ask you to remain vigilant as this day is approaching rapidly.

The news of these arrests may come rather suddenly, as advance notice would only be advantageous to the Cabal and they shall receive no further gift of charity from us. They have used up all their favors and excuses, and it is now time to face the music that has been a long time coming. Many of these individuals possess the arrogance to attempt to make a deal for their surrender at this point, but we are now far beyond the time for making any deals and there will be no concessions offered for their surrender as they possess nothing left to barter with.

The dark ones have been given opportunity after opportunity to surrender, and much was offered them on many occasions, yet they arrogantly balked at the last minute each and every time at surrender, believing they can somehow avoid the inevitable. There is no avoiding what they will now receive for their unjust actions against the people of Earth, and they cannot delay these proceedings one moment longer. It is our Earth allies who will decide when their time has come, and come it will.
Looking over at what is possible for your world; we see many great things in store for you in the days ahead once we can get busy on our many scheduled projects together. Your society will quickly and efficiently be raised to the level of a Galactic society, and we see so many of you being amazed at the wonders in store for you. There exists no aspect of your current society that will not be modified, and we see great advancements for your personal lives as well, beginning where it always begins, at home.

Your homes will be brought up to the standards of a Galactic society, with pure water running throughout and clean and efficient energy systems that will not cost you anything. Your kitchens will also be advanced greatly, with devices that will change the way you not only prepare food, but obtain it as well. This is just a small sampling of what is in store for you once we can safely interact with you upon the takedown of your criminal Cabal.

We look so forward to witnessing the celebrations all around your planet at the news of these arrests, and ask you again to share with others what you have learned about these proceedings and what they mean to the people of your world. We do not wish for these events to fail to fulfill their great potential as a wake-up call to all of humanity that a new day has dawned, and all that has perpetuated their lives of hardship and struggle now fades away in the new light of your new day.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles


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Friday, 24 February 2012


Message from the Galactic Federation 2/24/12

Of what numbers are the factors of 33? Our answer is 1, 3, 11, and 33. These numbers hold a special place within the structure of your world, and these numbers have been used by the light as well as the dark for many ages, not just in recent times. As you as a collective reach certain points along your journey, you will find you will begin to recognize many signs and symbols that have been placed before you either by the light or the dark. Just because a symbol has been inserted into your environment by agents of the dark, it does not necessarily denote an evil attempt to control you or manipulate you.

Take for example the many signs and symbols utilized by those of your secret societies, including the Illuminati and the Freemasons. You will find many of their signs and symbols are not of their construct at all, but are in fact ancient symbols denoting many different sacred powers and structural aspects of your reality. Many symbols possess within them activation codes and the ability to awaken once dormant powers or memories within a being. Many of these symbols are being used at this time to do just that; awaken many souls who are yet asleep as we quickly approach the time when all souls will be awakened.

The awakening process all of you are currently experiencing, or will soon experience, has been planned meticulously to be as smooth and gentle a process for you as is possible. We wish not to shake you violently out of your dreamlike states, as this sudden awakening can be quite damaging to your energy systems. Those of you who are awakened today are leaders of your fellow man. You have demonstrated that it is you that are suited for and prepared to begin to receive your activations that will return your memories to you of who it is you truly are and all the memories that have been stored within your memory banks before your current incarnation into the physical.

All your cherished memories have been safely preserved for you and will be returned to you at the appropriate time. This time is approaching rapidly and we see many of you making great strides towards this day by clearing your no longer needed and burdensome lower dimensional thought forms, habits and tendencies. We would be very pleased to see many more of you begin to do this, and we of the Galactic Federation of Light will continue to display the signs and symbols of ancient design that will assist you in these processes.

You may wish to not always assume that if a symbol is of an esoteric nature that it is being used by the dark for evil purposes. Most of these esoteric symbols are birthed from the higher realms, and it is here in the higher realms where the polarity of good and evil, light and dark, does not exist. There are those symbols displayed by the dark at this time and all throughout their reign; however, this hidden language is not of their own manifestation and has only been borrowed by them.

What these symbols stand for and what powers of creation they possess is up to you to learn and understand for yourself, and today this information is readily available to all throughout the Internet and bookstores and libraries as well. We suggest to you not to be afraid or shun these symbols, but to learn about them and discover their true meanings and origins. You will find many of them possess no ill intent or dark powers of any kind.

Looking ahead now to our plans to return you to full consciousness, we see many of you rather excited for this day. We will proceed as slowly and cautiously as is possible, and as such will attempt to give you clues along the way to help better ease you back to this remembrance and not to rush you in any way. The realization of who you are and what lives you have left behind may be rather startling for many of you, and we will do our best to make this as gentle and fun a process for you as we can. We feel many of you already have come to the firm realization that your present incarnation is not your first incarnation. We are very pleased to see this, as this milestone is surely the most important as we begin the process of returning you to full consciousness. We would even say that this step is essential to your memories being returned you.

We see that it would be quite a shock to many of you if your memories of your prior existence were returned to you when you had no idea they existed in the first place. Preparing yourself with the understanding that many of you not only have a prior history but a lengthy history going back many thousands of years is a very healthy start to these necessary proceedings.

Another valuable understanding at this time is that we of the higher realms are not strangers to you at all, as all of you have connections, friends and family, that have remained within the higher dimensions while you journeyed ‘down’ into the physical realm of the third dimension. Understanding this will alleviate much of the fear and anxiety some of you are feeling and many more of you will succumb to in the days ahead. To believe that your loved ones who have been guiding you and protecting you throughout all your physical incarnations would sit idly by as negative beings interfered with your journey at any point is without reason or sound conception, and we see this belief as entirely fear-based due to uninformed opinion.

Please assist us as we assist you spread this information far and wide. There are many channels and sources of this type of liberating information and we wish to see this information at least available to all who may, or may not, choose to at least familiarize themselves with it. This is all we ask as we cannot force anyone to read our words or to believe them upon reading. This is the sacred right of all souls, and all must be permitted to choose their own path and awaken according to their own schedule.

Although we would very much like to move ahead with our many plans and projects, we cannot rush those who are not yet ready for such revelations that have the power to do damage to certain individuals. There are so very many of you who have achieved very different levels of consciousness and we must cater to those who have yet awakened as it is these souls who are susceptible to damage caused by the sudden shock of such information. All is proceeding very well however, and our plans are proceeding on schedule thanks to our many Lightworkers in the field who are helping spread the word of all that is transpiring in your world. Each of you have your own areas of expertise and knowledge, and we are quite pleased at the coverage of so many different areas of these many different processes and subjects that all deserve their recognition as they each hold a place of relevance at this point in your collective, as well as individual journey. Please keep up the fine work you are all doing, and soon you will reap the benefits of all your labors.

We continue to see the removal of the fighting forces of the Cabal and their destructive machines, and we are also pleased to share with you that the plans to eradicate them from your reality are also proceeding perfectly according to our prearranged schedule. We see no delays or problems in this regard, and it will not be much longer until they have not one space fighter left available to them.
The Cabal had amassed quite a force of space fighters and other space travel related crafts as their financial resources were virtually limitless due to their pilfering of the people of your world for centuries. This is the kind of wealth that will soon be returned to you, the people of Earth, upon the initiation of your new financial system in the days ahead.

We understand that many of you are struggling today as your world economy crumbles under its own bloated weight, and say to you your new system will be yours; there will be no denying this. At this time, many men and women of your world work tirelessly on this new system based on abundance and equality, and we do see the many obstacles standing in the way of its implementation being removed on a daily basis. Upon the arrest of many members of the criminal Cabal, we see the biggest obstacle being removed, and we then see your new system coming online soon afterwards.

As we have said, much counts on the removal of your criminal Cabal, and much of our efforts are geared towards this process. They will be removed, and much is also transpiring behind the scenes on this front as well. We again ask you to monitor your news outlets and share all relevant information with your brothers and sisters. The news of these mass arrests will come sudden and come hard, and we wish you to be prepared for this inevitability and to share this event with everyone you can reach. This event will surely be the most important event in the history of your planet up to this point, and we wish very much for as many of your world to take part in the celebrations that will be quite appropriate upon these announcements.

These announcements will come soon, be assured of this. We do not mince our words or paint pictures of false hope for you. Our word is sound, and we tell you these things for very good reason. You may expect to begin to see the arrests of these men and women of the Cabal begin to be reported by certain of your news media very shortly, that is all we can share with you at this present time due to several reasons, one of which is to ensure the safe and successful conclusion to this operation. We have many allies in the line of fire, and we must take all precautions for their safety. All will be explained to you at the proper time, and we again ask you today for patience.

All that has been assured will be at the appropriate time; this can be no sooner or later as well. All will proceed according to our meticulous schedule, and your ascension into the higher realms will not be stopped or delayed one moment longer than is planned for you as you have waited long enough. We are here to make sure this event transpires according to the timetable set by your Creator, and we will not fail in our task, you can be assured of this.

We have been behind many of the events of your world for many eons, and we have always adhered to a meticulously kept schedule. All has been designed to bring you to this point that you stand at today, and all plans today have been designed to see you ascend into the higher realms together as one. We have never before let you down in any way, and we certainly will not let you down and allow ourselves to fall behind schedule at this point as you stand so near to your shining moment, what all your difficult incarnations have been for, your ascension as one into the higher realms of this universe.

We have spoken often of the many projects that must get underway in order to see your ascension event take place as smoothly as is possible and allow as many as possible to experience this event as comfortable as possible. That is the reason behind these many necessary projects, and we will be enlisting many of your planet to carry out these many projects. You will be doing your planet and people a great service through your efforts, and we must get underway very soon in order to stay on schedule. Please remain alert for this next phase of the operation as it will commence immediately upon the arrests of many members of the criminal Cabal.

Further details will be given at the appropriate time, and all that are interested in such positions will be briefed on what is expected of you and what you can expect working with us, as well as all the details of your new career opportunities.

We feel many of you will be very happy with your new careers, and we look so forward to the opportunity to explain more to you when it is the time for this. Until then, please begin to think about a career change and maybe even a change of your current location as our projects will be implemented all across this world, and you may have an opportunity to relocate if this is what you wish. Many of you currently live not where you would like, but where you have had to settle for one reason or another, and we wish to make it known that relocating may be a viable option for you in the days ahead. We see many of you jumping at the chance to live somewhere else, and we see many of you to take advantage of such an opportunity.

Many of you will soon become new members of the Galactic Federation of Light, and many of you are already members of our organization. We say to you that your careers with us are of a very mobile nature as our great ships possess the ability to travel to the far ends of this universe and back, and we have done so on many occasions and will continue to traverse this universe on a mission of service to other peoples and planets throughout the galaxies.

We have invested many long years of planning and many in the implementation of the operation, and we will never let anything jeopardize our mission and our success in any way. Many of you are our crew members in the field, and we assure you at this time that we are watching over you and protecting you as to the very best of our abilities. Please do not let the thought of any retaliation at the hands of the dark dismay you in any way from your assignments to spread our messages and your light for as far as you can. This is what you came here to do, and we ask you at this time to complete your mission as you have trained so hard for. We see many of you doing just that, and we thank you again for your courage and your tremendous efforts to persevere in the face of perceived danger and ridicule.

All your efforts will pay off for all of your world to benefit greatly, and none of this could have been accomplished without your assistance. We again thank you at this time for your sincere efforts, and say to you that the completion of this difficult stage of the overall operation is close at hand and the next phase of the operation will surely be far more enjoyable and rewarding for you.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

(The remainder of today's message was of a personal nature; however, I will share it here as I feel many may find the discussion very insightful.)

We of the Galactic Federation of Light are asking at this time your cooperation to assist us better understand the thought processes of those of your world as we continue on in the days towards your ascension into the higher dimensions. This we will accomplish through our work together as we read the thought processes of those who read our messages shared through our channels. This is one way we can achieve our goals, and at this time this is the most effective means to reach our desired goal to better understand the human mind and the nature of humanity's collective, as well as individual behavior.

Much available information has been and continues to be collected throughout this process, and we ask for your continued cooperation in this regard. Please allow us to continue to share our words through you, as we have much yet to accomplish. Our messages as of late are growing in length, but we see this as very necessary to reach our goals. Please cooperate a little while longer as we draw nearer to the day when we can safely interact more personally with humanity and the services of our channels will eventually become unnecessary.

We of the Galactic Commands thank you for your assistance throughout this process and say to you that your work is greatly appreciated.

As channeled through Greg Giles


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Message from the Galactic Federation 2/22/12

Care is called for at this time as we proceed with the many plans to free your world from your oppressors. The speed at which these events proceed is not important at this time, although we do strive to maintain forward momentum as we push ahead with the many scheduled phases of this, as well as other aspects of the overall plan. We see we remain on schedule, and we also foresee no delays to this operation. Remain ever patient as you will experience the fruition of this plan, as we will not permit any obstacles to stand in our way.

Many of you are waiting to see action, and it is action you shall see. By now many of you know what is asked of you, but these tasks do bear repeating. Please look after your fellow human family members as many may experience fear and confusion upon seeing so many political and financial figures taken into custody simultaneously and also in rapid succession. The arrests will climb high into your political arenas, and it is here where we foresee the bulk of those who fear suffering a greater emotional toll.

No one and no office within your world governments are off-limits, and legal indictments have already been prepared against some of your most powerful political figures. They will be taken into custody just as anyone who commits a crime against another has in your legal systems, and they will enjoy no luxuries due to their alleged stature or wealth. They will be removed from their offices and positions within your governments and financial systems and will be arraigned in a court of law at which time the charges against them will be made known to them and to the public as well. You are the victims in these cases, and therefore you will be kept abreast each and every step of the way throughout these prosecutions.

We ask you to assist to spread the news of these pending arrests as to strengthen the impact of what they will mean to the people of your world. It is not overestimating these connected events when declaring humanity will finally be free from the tyrannical rule of those who have oppressed you for so very long. We see this day as your true Independence Day, and we see this day replacing in stature many of your current holidays which may have little to do with important matters of your world. This day will be remembered and celebrated by all throughout your world no matter one’s nationality or religious background, making this a truly global holiday celebration.

Many of you are impatient at this time awaiting action, and we say to you action is what you will see. You will not be let down in this regard, as nothing can or will delay these proceedings any longer. We see a date when you can begin to witness these events for yourself, and on this day this is what you will see. Get ready, as this day is not far off.

"What then?" many of you are asking. Upon these arrests we, along with our allies, will begin the next phase of the overall operation which is to make our presence known to all of your planet who will not turn a blind eye to us. We have a very meticulous plan that we see successfully reaching its desired outcome, and upon our readings that a suitable number of you understand who we are and why we are here, we will immediately proceed with the next phase of the operation which is the landings of many of our ships and personnel that will interface with you, the people of Earth.

These introductions are necessary as many projects must get underway and it is you that will be undertaking them, with our assistance. These projects must be completed according to a restrictive time schedule, so as you can see we must begin these series of events as soon as is possible.

Remain vigilant, for these arrests will be the catalyst for the many events to quickly follow. There will not be long delays between each successive project, as once the Cabal is obliterated there will never be a reason for us to slow our progress in any way. You will witness a meticulously laid plan unfolding with precision each day throughout the rest of this year leading up to your ascension, and it is your ascension that necessitates the undertaking of many of these projects.

Many of you will be taking a hands-on approach to many of these projects, and we look forward to working with you in the near days ahead. There is much to do and as we said little time to do it, so prepare yourselves for your new careers with us, the Ashtar Command. We have been journeying throughout this universe on missions of peace and liberation for many eons, and through our travels and work we have enlisted many beings from throughout the cosmos who share our passion to assist worlds in their times of need.

Not all of our crewmembers and officers are of the humanlike species, and many of you will soon be meeting many different beings from many different star systems. Some of these beings will appear quite different to you and even sometimes what you have least imagined. We say to you that all the members of the Ashtar Command are ascended beings, which is only accomplished through love and spiritual understanding. There is never a reason for you to be fearful or concerned with your safety when interacting with any of these beings, and you will find that many different beings interact not only professionally, but socially as well, and many close friends have been made throughout our command.

We look forward to enlisting humans from your planet to join us as new recruits ready to begin your new careers that many of you may find quite satisfying in so many different areas. We also look forward to welcoming back some of our crewmembers who have incarnated into the physical to carry out their duties as our agents in the field. Your positions and stations await your return, and your careers will pick up just where they left off no matter how long it is that you have been gone.

The Ashtar Command plans to see humanity's ascension through, and remain here with you for a time afterwards ensuring the safety and well-being of the newly ascended human. Upon the decision that our work here is done we will move on as there are many other worlds that can benefit from our assistance. We will never be far from you, and possess the means to travel back to these universal coordinates in quick time. Many of you who will become members of our team will continue to call this planet your home and you will have the opportunity to travel back here for visits and rest and relaxation.

You will also have the ability to visit many other planets throughout this universe with your fellow crewmembers, and we feel you may enjoy these trips very much as well. There exists such a blessing of variety throughout this universe and there is something for everyone no matter what your particular tastes may be. There are sandy beaches and snowy mountains and everything in between. There are scarcely populated locales as well as bustling communities if this better suits your liking. Your adventure will only be beginning once we make contact with you as a new life and a new career awaits you.

This moment is just up ahead as events are moments away from unfolding in blissful excitement. Your buildup of anticipation has been long, and this also suits a very important purpose. All has been for a reason, and we see many of you understand this clearly. Your experience every step of the way has been carefully designed and implemented, and this is just as true for these last years and months as it ever was. As a matter of fact, your recent history has been more meticulously orchestrated than any other time in your history. Nothing has been left to chance, and nothing about your experience has been overlooked.

Some of you may feel certain aspects of your recent experience has been nothing more than a waiting game, but we assure you that it is we who have been waiting on you. As we have often made very clear, it is your world and it is up to you. We are assisting, this is all we have been permitted to do and we cannot overstep our bounds. We await you to reach certain levels of understanding and consciousness, and we also await certain actions to be undertaken by you. Upon the reaching of these milestones, we can then assist you to reach another.

At this present time we are focused on the arrests of the men and women of the criminal Cabal and we await the actions of our human Earth allies in the field. Again, you're not waiting on us or our signal that it is time to proceed. This signal has been given by all parties involved, terrestrial, as well as extraterrestrial, and we see the successful implementation of this carefully laid plan at any moment. We hope you enjoy this moment, you assuredly earned it, and as we have said, this event is merely the beginning as the fireworks will continue unrelenting for many months to come.

Your world will experience wonderful advancements throughout this period in your history and your world today will barely resemble your new Galactic society we will begin to create together. This would surely be a wonderful and exciting time to be here, and this is why many of you chose to be here today. You felt it was worth all what you knew you would have to endure to reach this point, and yet you made the decision without hesitation. This is what awaits you dear ones.

It is quite appropriate for you to display a childlike expectation of excitement, as this will all be new to you and you have not experienced anything new such as this since you were a child. Feel free to enjoy this moment and celebrate it, for it has taken you many long years to get here and you have earned every part of it. Enjoy this moment, for it is your moment, as each and every one of you has contributed to your journey in one way or another. Your achievement has truly been a team effort, and all deserve to take part in your celebration.

We are your Family of Light from the stars.

As channeled through Greg Giles


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Message from the Galactic Federation 2/21/12

More is happening behind the scenes at this moment than is being reported to you either through your worldwide media outlets or even through our trusted channels of information. We wish at this time to relay some of what is transpiring to you, but due to matters of security and safety concerns for our allies in the field, we must resist the temptation to share with you some of this rather exciting information. Let us just say that more is happening beyond your perceptions at this time and that these matters are of the nature of what we have assured you would take place. This information will be shared with you, you can be assured of this, as we do wish to keep you informed every step of the way and you have certainly earned the right to be included in all our discussions, however, as we have said we must protect our many men and women in the line of fire and as such must for now maintain an air of secrecy. This will not be for long however, and in time this cloak of secrecy will be removed for all that is transpiring to be revealed to your entire world.

We are continuing to apply the pressure to all those yet stubbornly aligned with the Cabal and their oppressive agenda, and the screws are tightening all around their leaders, officers, and soldiers throughout the world and even throughout space. These forces that remain to continue their resistance to your new system will also be taken into custody when the time is appropriate, but for now, we have them safely bottled up where they can do no further harm to our forces of light or to you, the citizens of Earth.

Our campaign against these dark ones has been fought for many ages and throughout many vectors of this universe. We have brought this fight to your planet you call Earth as this is where their front lines are and have existed for many eons. To defeat these legions of the dark here on their own turf is an important victory in this ancient and epic struggle, and when the last of their Army of darkness has been defeated it will not only be humanity who is freed from their tyrannical rule, but many other worlds throughout this universe as well. This is why we remind you often that what happens here affects this entire universe.

The day when you, as well as beings from other worlds you have little if any knowledge of, are finally freed from your oppressors is but moments away, and you will be the first to know before this incredible news reaches these other worlds. This is one of the reasons our campaign against the dark ones is so important, and why we do not possess the luxury of taking any undue chances such as divulge too much sensitive information to you when the timing for this is deemed inappropriate. We see a moment very soon when the latest updates to our campaign can more safely be shared with you, and we assure you that you do not have long to wait. Please extend to us this courtesy and allow us to conduct our business under the veil of secrecy for just a while longer and we promise you that you will not be disappointed at the results.

Today marks a triumphant day on many fronts, and we say to you that our operation is now proceeding smoothly and according to our carefully conceived plans. You will soon bear witness to how efficient our operation is being conducted, and we have promised you that certain portions of your media companies are covering these proceedings. Expect to be able to see some of this coverage in the near days ahead.
Moving on to matters concerning your personal advancements towards ascension, we monitor and detect your collective rate of vibration and we are pleased to share with you that your vibrational frequency has surpassed what we had hoped for at this present time. This is truly a most spectacular finding, and we see humanity well on their way to joining their ascended family in the higher realms when other factors beyond your concern at this time are met. The universe itself will take care of these details for you, and we wish to say we are so amazed at the progress you all are showing and thank each and every one of you for your hard work to share your higher vibration throughout your online communities and everywhere it is that you travel throughout your day.

This area will surely soon enlarge greatly once many of you begin to work with us as official members of the Galactic Federation of Light and you are easily able to traverse your entire planet within the time it would take many of you to commute to work. We feel this will be a very exciting time for many of you, and you will be able to see so much of your world you have until now only been able to view through photographs. What a wonderful view awaits you just up ahead when so many of your planet's beautiful locations come to life right before your very senses.

You have been deprived of so much, and we say to you that you will be shortchanged no longer as all the treasures of your world that have been kept from you will now be yours to share forever. What a special day this will be and we promise you it will be so very soon as all the obstacles standing before you today are removed one by one.

Our Earth allies are finishing up the last vestiges of the paperwork that will permit the implementation of your new financial system and we say to you that upon the initiation of this new system your lives which have been so governed by debt will be reborn, freed once and forever from the chains of lack and scarcity. Your new system is a system of sheer abundance, and each and every one of you will share its bounty as the natural wealth and prosperity of your planet will be yours, distributed equally among every man, woman and child, and your days of financial competition against one another will be a relic of your outdated and no longer viable past.

Can you imagine the joy that will spread like a great wave around your planet, bathing all in its splendid properties of abundance? This day will be yours, and today many men and women of your world work day and night finalizing your new system and we see that it will be ready for its launch as the last of the leaders of the Cabal are taken into custody. You also have many brothers and sisters working on that front and many other fronts as well, and when all can be safely shared with you we feel many of you will be very surprised at how many of your human family have been a part of your battle against the dark and how many allies you truly have.

The forces of light are great and we are many. Did you think it would be any other way? We have great leaders, and we are stationed all across this vast universe always engaged in our mission of protection and guidance. Many of you will soon join us as members of the Galactic Federation of Light, and we look forward to this day when we can continue our service together on a more personal level.
Many more of you are already members of our organization, and your memory of this will soon be returned to you at the appropriate time. We have been working with many of you for many years and throughout countless missions, on many worlds and all throughout this universe. Your lives here throughout this lifetime have been so very brief compared to your existence beyond the veil of your current incarnation, and we are sure many of you will be quite taken aback at the discovery of who you truly are and what you have experienced.

What an incredible journey of remembrance this will be for you, and many of you have already begun on this path. Many clues have been sent to some of you through dreams and other means as well to help jog your memory and ease you back into the remembrance of who it is you truly are. Your Star Families have been assigned this trust to lead you back to your true selves, as it has been decided that it is your own families that know you best. Be on the lookout for these clues and pay close attention to your dreams, for it is here that many clues and reminders will be placed before you. Follow these clues, follow your heart, and follow your intuition wherever they may take you, no matter where in this universe this shall be.

You must know there must be a powerful guiding force behind all that is transpiring in and around your world, and we say to you to think big, outside of the normal realms of thought that you may have grown accustomed to here throughout your 3rd dimensional incarnations. There is so much to this vast universe and so many different levels of conscious awareness, and we would just like you at this time to begin to ponder these immense possibilities in order to prepare yourselves for what you are soon to experience.

What is in store for you is immense and what could be rather shaking for some of you. To transform from a limited 3rd dimensional being, isolated for so long from the rest of your universe, to then suddenly behold such vastness, such wonder, such beauty, excitement and surprise, will surely come as quite a shock to some of you and this is where we are concerned, as shocking your systems is not what we intend for you and is not good for you in any way on any level. What we wish for you is a slow and careful process, where increasing levels of knowledge are carefully administered, allowing you the time to process this new information well enough to then permit you to safely learn more of what exists outside of the world you have come to know as your only home.

You are all much more than you can possibly understand at this time, and you all have vast experiences beyond your current lifetimes. We wish for you to remember once again all of what you are and all your experiences as we are sure you do as well. We must tread so very carefully however, through these stages of remembrance as your safety and welfare is our greatest concern and it is we of the higher realms who have been entrusted with your care. We will make every attempt to see to it that you are well cared for and that you are all carefully and safely returned to your natural states of full consciousness and we ask for your patience at this time and allow us to proceed as safely and cautiously as is necessary.

We too wish for you to return to full consciousness so that you will remember us, your Star Families, and our reunion can be as intimate as is possible and we do see this day on the horizon. Please continue to pay close attention to your dreams, as many of your Star Families will be sending you gentle reminders of yourselves and clues to your past.

You all have many members of your Star Families looking out for you and assisting you at this time, and they would be heart warmed to know you are consciously looking out for their signs that they love you. We see so many of you searching diligently for these signs, and we say to you that if you search for these answers to your questions you will find them, for they are there waiting for you, sometimes in the most mysterious of places. Continue on in your quest, for you shall not be disappointed, and tomorrow you shall discover a treasure so great that today hides just beyond your reach.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles


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Message from the Galactic Federation  2/20/12

Ready yourselves for the changes, for they are coming soon. All along we have advised you to prepare and to help spread the table for the many changes that needed to be accomplished, and the time for their implementation is upon you. Prepare yourselves by stocking up on a few household essentials to last a few days or even as much as a few weeks, as it is difficult to predict whether services will be down and if so, for how long. Much of the inner workings of your systems are controlled by the Cabal, and it cannot be ascertained for certain whether any sabotage may occur. We, the Galactic Federation of Light, will do all we can to get your systems up and running again if they should be affected in any way.

There are those members of the Cabal who, of course, are not happy with the news that they will now face justice for their crimes as they arrogantly believed they were above any law, earthly, karmic or universal. They were wrong, as now they must pay the piper for their misdeeds. There is a lesson in this for all of you, that no matter your station in life you exist under and within the laws of karma, the balancing force of this universe that will bring all things back to you that you release outwards. This is one of the designed mechanisms of this wonderful universe and you have all abided by this law throughout all of your incarnations whether you were conscious of it or not, as this does not matter.

Looking ahead for these men and women soon to be losing their freedom, we see a long rehabilitation period consisting of many incarnations where they will experience situations of difficulty as a direct result of their choices throughout this lifetime. For many of these souls their lifetimes will bring much hardship and struggle just as you have experienced due to their manipulations, and they will also experience an existence where they are ruled by a tyrannical and oppressive force comparable to their rule during this, as well as other incarnations. The road for these souls will not be an easy one, this is assured by they themselves, and they need only look into a mirror if they seek someone to blame for what they now must face. Remember this lesson my dears, and do not miss this blessed opportunity for growth and self-improvement.

We see many of you also who have reached the understanding that this is not a time for gloating or for lynch mob mentality, but for understanding and compassion. For this we salute you and ask you to lead by example to allow your fellow man to see an alternative to bloodthirsty revenge. We are not suggesting to you to allow these men and women to escape justice, for it is important that they too receive all they can from this experience. For what good would all this serve if the lessons behind it all were not learned? All we are suggesting to you is to reflect upon the virtue of temperance, for it is this virtue that is called for as these lost souls are brought to justice.

All along your long journey you too have had to face the consequences for your misdeeds. Some of you may have spent portions of lifetimes imprisoned by your societies, and we ask you to reflect upon this even though you have no conscious memory of this. Ask yourself if there may have been a better way towards rehabilitation rather than waste your life away in a small dank prison cell. There are many avenues of rehabilitation, and prisons are but one. As your world is set to ascend into the higher realms, many other options will become clear to you, not only options of justice and rehabilitation, but of all educational systems of advanced learning.

Upon you ascension, you will be leaving behind many old and outdated methods for the running of a society and we look forward to explaining to you the many options that will become available to you. No longer will you have to rely on systems that have failed you so throughout your earthly 3rd dimensional incarnations, as there are better methods that produce successful results. This is one of the many new aspects of your civilization that you will experience upon ascension into your new 5th dimensional home.

Continuing with our discussion on karma and justice, many of you also have karma that must be cleansed at this time as this is a necessary step towards your individual ascension. Many of you have faced recent challenges and even hardships as a result of this need to cleanse negative imbalances of you karma. Many of you have recently balanced this karmic debt and are now free to ascend without any further need to experience the balancing effects of this universal law. There are others of you who will get to balance you karmic debts and it is necessary you do this before the culmination of the great dimensional shift. How this karma will be balanced and what you will experience will all depend on just how unbalanced your karma is at this point. Keep in mind, there are those of you who have carried over into this incarnation a karmic debt from past lives, and this will have to be accounted for. There are also many of you who have carried over from a past life a positive balance of karma, and for this your transition will be relatively smoother. This is how the law of karma must operate, and no one or nothing can alter its effects.

We do not suggest to you this need to balance your karma in order to frighten you. We only suggest this to you so more of you can understand why your lives at this point have been met with hardships and negative experiences. Your economic woes that today canvas your world are one area where the balancing effects of karma can be clearly witnessed. There are those of you who are battling adverse health effects, and in many cases this too is an example of your karma being balanced by unseen forces.

Know dear ones, that no one or nothing wishes to see you suffer, yet this might be in some cases as it is ascension many of you came here to experience and it is only through the balancing of your karma will this be made possible. All of you understood this completely before your current incarnation and still jumped at the chance to be here at this time with a truly wondrous opportunity well within your reach. This is one of the reasons your world at this time is in the shape that it is in, as a trial such as your current incarnation is just what many of you needed to act as a springboard into the higher realms of existence. Many of you may be beginning to see your world not as a disaster of creation, but as a marvelous design that will allow so many of you to reap the sweetest reward possible for your efforts to incarnate into the physical to gain the experience necessary for your graduations into the higher realms of possibility.

Do you see now the men and women who will now face justice for their crimes against you in a slightly different light? Are you beginning to see that all things, good or bad, positive or negative, are designed to enable you to reap the maximum benefit for your forays into the physical? Do you now think it is possible, in light of our discussion on karma, that without the assistance of those of the dark many of you would not have experienced a sufficient balancing of your karma and therefore would not be ascending into the higher realms at this time, but instead you would have to remain within the cycle of the incarnate wheel.

If you could see what we see clearly for you upon ascension, if you would allow our descriptions to paint a portrait for you, and at the same time understand that the souls who performed the roles of the oppressors assisted you to make this vision your reality, do you now feel you may be able to find it in your hearts to forgive?
We understand many of you are angry upon learning of all the misdeeds and the crimes committed against you, but in light of what all this has made possible for you, do you now feel that other forms of justice and rehabilitation then you are accustomed to may be far more fitting for these dark ones? As we have said, there are many advanced methods of rehabilitation that will soon be made available to your society, and we only ask you at this time to review these techniques when this information becomes available to you. That is all we ask, as this is your world and will always be your world, no one else's, and you, democratically, will make all the decisions that govern your society.

Looking out towards the days ahead, we see the arrests of many members of the criminal Cabal causing quite a rumbling throughout your world, and it is this rumbling that will awaken so many of your brothers and sisters from their slumbers. We see the new freedoms you will all immediately experience upon the arrests of these criminal elements coupled with the awakening of so many of your brethren creating such a powerful wave of momentum that will easily carry you through these final months before ascension.

What a tremendous period of transformation these last months will surely be, as more and more of your human family awaken to the new available energies. Great changes are in store for you as we head down the home stretch, and many of these changes will release you from your bonds of daily toil. Many advancements in technology will be made available to you in the coming days when we can more personally interact with you, and upon the removal of the Cabal and many of their minions we will be free to make such an introduction. The is sure to be a very exciting period for many of you, and you may see these imminent arrests of these dark ones as the starting gun for the many events that will quickly follow that will see to the complete transformation of your world as you prepare yourselves for your great leap into the higher dimensions.

We see the struggles and the difficult times you have gone through as necessary components of your ascension, and without them and those to facilitate them we see many of you not making the transformation. Every one of us has done our parts, from above you as well as all around you, and everyone deserves credit for this endeavor that has already been tremendously successful in so many ways and that is about to show you its greatest reward yet to come.

Your ascension into the higher realms is something many of you have been striving towards for many consecutive lifetimes. It is not easy at all to advance so greatly as to be a candidate for ascension and because of this, the helpful cooperation of those willing to play the roles of the dark ones was seen as called for. These dark ones were enlisted to ensure the balancing of your karma, while at the same time teaching you many valuable lessons that were necessary for your advancement. Always keep this in mind as you enter the next phase of your experience, as an alternative view to these proceedings may find its place amongst many of you.

Punishment is usually weighed against the crimes committed along with how much a victim has suffered. Upon weighing your suffering against your reward for such experience, you may reach a new perspective in this regard. The crimes committed against you by these men and women are severe in some cases, this cannot be denied, but as you are immortal beings who never truly die and who gain so much through such experience, you may be able to see even many of these crimes from a somewhat fresh perspective. As we have said, justice is better to be served as this will benefit those who need to also learn certain important lessons, it is just the type of justice dispensed at which we wish you to closely examine and discuss amongst yourselves. It is your world and it is you that have been the victims of these crimes, so again we say to you we will honor each individual, as well as collective decision you make and will assist to see to it your wishes are carried out.
Again you see how we do not wish to take a leading role in your affairs. We are merely guests here, to offer you the assistance you may agree is necessary to see many of the needed tasks accomplished. This is what we do, we have been doing this a very long time, and our services have been applied all throughout this vast universe. Earth does hold a special place in our hearts, but it is by no means the only planet that we have given care to as there have been, and will continue to be, many other planets in need of a helping hand from time to time. Again, there is no reason to fear that we are here to conquer or plunder, as higher dimensional worlds have all they would ever need or desire. Our mission is one of service, and you shall witness this firsthand when we are free to commence on our many projects together.

Again, these projects will begin upon the arrests of sufficient numbers of the Cabal, and we see this moment drawing very near. You will be informed of further developments and of opportunities to work with us on these many projects through our channels of information, and as we have said, some of your media companies will soon be assisting us with the task of relaying information to you. This is an important phase of our operation, as we see many still who receive their news and information from what is broadcast through your television sets. In time, all your media companies will align with your new system of honesty and balanced reporting, and if they do not, they will have no place with you in your new home within the higher realms.

There are many other areas of your society as well that will be realigned to function as a higher dimensional component of your new world, and we will explain to you and even demonstrate to you how some of your systems can be greatly improved upon.

Until then, do what you can do to improve upon the areas of your lives that you do have control over, and we will assist our Earth allies tear down the sections of your world that you do not at this time have control over. In time, all the areas of governance of your society will be returned to you, the people, and no longer will you be forced to submit to the will of another. This will be your new system, which will be implemented upon the removal of the old, and this is the task at hand at this time. You will see this task accomplished very shortly, as we and our Earth allies are set to move ahead with this operation.

We are looking forward to these events just as much as many of you are, and we see that we have reached the time when all that has been discussed will begin to unfold before you. Hold on tight, it will be at times a shaky ride, but it will also be a joyous time for those of you who understand fully what is transpiring here. Please continue to inform each other of what these events signify so they too can see them for what they truly are and enjoy them as much as you will. After all, you did not come here to this planet only to suffer and struggle, you also came here to experience joy and happiness and it is this that many of you will now experience. You have earned it, you have created it, and we say to you feel free to enjoy it. The good times are about to begin.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles


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Message from the Galactic Federation 2/19/12

You want answers. Please quite yourself for a moment. There will be certain events unfolding within the next few days that will alter the course of your lives on Earth. The mass arrests we have spoken of will begin in earnest, and we would suggest you prepare yourselves for this. We see some disruptions to some services, but not many as these beings are taken into custody, and we would like all of you who have informed yourselves of the importance of these events to share this information far and wide and also educate others as to their relevance.

Be on the lookout for the initiation of these arrests that shall begin very soon. Our Earth allies are in place and are prepared to undertake this massive endeavor. Large numbers of men and even some women will be taken out of your society and into custody where they can no longer interfere with your lives and the proceedings of the events set to unfold in your world.

We would like you to know that great sums of time and effort have been put into the planning stages of these proceedings, and we, the Galactic Federation of Light, would like at this time to thank all our allies in the field who have dedicated so much of their lives to seeing this plan blossom. Humanity will be set free upon these arrests and this we feel is certainly a cause for celebration, and it is celebration we would be very pleased to see. Celebration will help to create the necessary energies that will allow others to feel what this event means to them, as many may be puzzled and even frightened by these proceedings.

There is nothing to be frightened about. These arrests are an important step on your way to ascension and you, as a society, will immediately begin to reap the benefits of their success. Many arrests will occur simultaneously, however, some arrests will follow on successive days. We will do our best to see to it that no disruptions to these arrests are made by outside influences such as the portions of militaries that have not aligned with the plans for your new Earth. They will also be dealt with in due time, but for now, we will simply keep them neutralized so they cannot thwart any of these proceedings.

We always have your safety in mind as a top priority, and we strive to see to it that no harm ever comes to you. Be advised, the cabal wishes to interfere with these arrests even though many of their ranking officials have agreed to surrender to authorities. They will fail at any attempt to stop or slow these proceedings, and we will see to it this is the case and protect our Earth allies and the public as to the best of our abilities.

Keep your eyes to your media outlets. It will soon become clear to you which companies have agreed to cover these events and which ones declined to be a part of this coverage. This will also give you a clue as to which media companies have agreed to align with your new system and even give you some insight as to which media companies will assist in the coming disclosure announcements. In time, we see all media companies complying with the new direction, but for now, the few who have made the commitment will suffice and we thank the men and women of these companies greatly for their courage and commitment to assist in the implementation of your new system.

Your new system will begin to come online within days of the removal of these obstacles who have thwarted every attempt at the initiation of the programs necessary to implement your new system. This is why they are being removed from your society, as we saw no other choice as their stubbornness and arrogance saw no end. This is the bed they have made for themselves and now they must lie in, and it will be quite some time before many of them achieve the necessary restructuring they need to again enter a society freely. We will make sure of this, as other souls need to be protected from these dark hearts.

Your society will also be shielded from these planners and schemers and be free to flourish to heights never before seen on your planet. To reach this goal, many changes will need to be made that will seek improvements in every conceivable area, and these changes will begin immediately upon word that a suitable number of these dark ones have been taken into custody.

The charges against these individuals will be varied, and there will be many charges levied against many of them. This will ensure they cannot wriggle their way out of these proceedings and reenter your society and once again wreak havoc on your systems. Please give us your support and demonstrate this support to others who will not immediately understand these proceedings, and take the time to inform them what they are all about and how their lives will now improve dramatically now that those who have plotted and schemed against them for many decades have been removed from their positions of power. Assure them that all is well, and in fact, have not been better for many long years and that your society will now reap the many benefits that can now safely be made available to you.

We have a long series of projects lined up that are ready for implementation, and we know many of you will be quite pleased and excited at what is in store for you. You will receive a new financial system as the old system of corruption will now see its last day with the removal of those behind its corrupt mechanics. Your new system will be based on equality and fairness, and each and every one of you will enjoy the natural flow of abundance that is rightfully yours and has always been. The men and women who you will soon witness being taken into custody have successfully plotted and schemed to keep you from experiencing your natural state of abundance, but upon their removal you will now receive what has been denied you for so very long.

We will discuss with you further your new financial system in due time, but let us today focus on the removal of these dark ones from your society. Stay alert and remain vigilant for the launch of these arrests as prior word may not be given to you. We will say that we, as well as our Earth allies, have given our signals that we are all set to move ahead with the operation and we see no delays or stoppages to our mission. Again, your safety is always a top priority with us and we will be on guard for you at all times and protect all of you as best as we can.

Please inform as many as you can as to the nature of these arrests and what they mean to your society as to strengthen the impact of them, as the many projects scheduled to follow depend upon the mindset of your people. We feel the momentum created by this event will be sufficient for us to launch the follow-up programs, and under the proper circumstances they will begin to be initiated immediately upon the conclusion of these initial arrests. Many other arrests will follow as well as the tentacles of the Cabal reach far, but we are confident these initial arrests will sufficiently clear the path for the initiation of the next phases of the overall operation. We promise you dear ones this will be quite a show and well worth waiting for.

You will be kept abreast of any new developments and other plans for the next phases of the operation through our channels, and soon we will be able to begin communications with you through some of your cooperative media companies. You will be able to witness these arrests for yourselves through certain media outlets, and we advise you to monitor your media and inform your brothers and sisters of which companies begin coverage of this event as it is important as many of you as possible witness these proceedings as this will be the signal that humanity is finally free from their oppressors.

We wish you all to know this day could not have been made possible without the tremendous efforts of all our agents in the field that we respectfully refer to as Lightworkers, and each and every one of you who have worked so hard to clear this path to your new reality. We thank you so much for your hard work and dedication to bring change to this world, and promise you that you will reap the rewards of all your efforts.

Keep in mind as you proceed into the coming days and the events they will have in store for you that we wish you to remain calm and balanced and to respond to the call to assist your fellow human family members if fear shall overcome them upon these arrests which may be startling for some. Not all will react to this news as good news, as many will see this as a bad sign or a rude awakening from their slumber. We ask you, our Lightworkers, to do what you can to calm others and reassure them that all is well, for indeed it is. Your planet is now on a firm path to ascension, and you will soon be welcomed into your Galactic community. This is an honor, and with this honor comes many new responsibilities and we wish you to know what this entails.

Firstly, as a member of a Galactic community you no longer possess the option to settle your differences with war, as war has never been a viable option. All of your differences shall be handled democratically, according to a proper discussion of the opposing viewpoints and a vote. There will be men and women overseeing your affairs who are highly trained and skilled to see to it that all your differences are handled in the proper and peaceful manner. There shall be no other means to settle your differences permitted if you wish to remain a member of your Galactic community.

Secondly, all the pollution of your world must be purified, and no further polluting of your planet will be tolerated. We will supply you with the technology and the training necessary to accomplish this goal.

Furthermore, we must insist that you all begin to treat each other with the respect you all deserve. Racism, bigotry, and hatred on any level is not suited for worlds that are members of the Galactic community, as this sort of behavior can be seen as a virus or plague and cannot be allowed to spread throughout this and other worlds.
The planets you will be joining in a peaceful and cooperative alliance have themselves shed their 3rd dimensional skin, and have experienced similar challenges and tests just as you have. To permit their worlds to fall backward after they have come so far because we allowed worlds who continue to exhibit signs of lower dimensional behavior to interact with them would be a dereliction of our duties as one of the management teams of this galaxy. We are sure you understand this, and we are certain you will agree that once your world enjoys the advancements of a Galactic society that you too will not wish worlds that may have the power to destroy all you have accomplished to interact with you.

Please understand, we do not wish to control you or force you to do anything you do not as a collective wish, and you do possess a choice at all times to withdraw from the Galactic community and once again isolate yourselves and be quarantined until you once again decide to make a commitment to higher dimensional ideals and virtues. We are confident that once you begin to experience what it is like to be a part of the Galactic community you will make great effort to maintain your communities and to continue to advance as a Galactic society. Not only will your world receive the benefits of advancement, but so too will you, as your programming will be advanced and you will enjoy many new attributes of your physical vessels. We look forward to assisting you in making this great leap from an isolated third dimensional world to a fifth dimensional Galactic civilization, and we are honored to be permitted to be your guides for this momentous occasion.

Please work with us as we do all we can to make this as smooth as a transition as possible, and please remember to look out for your fellow brothers and sisters who may need your assistance. You all have gotten here together, and together you shall continue on into the higher realms of this universe. It has been a very long journey for many of you, and we say to you that all of you have gone through many very difficult experiences and tests of your will and determination. This is why you are the ones here today, as it is you that have demonstrated that you have earned your right to be here at this time. There can be no other way, and you all deserve such credit for your achievement to grace this stage today. We salute all of you for choosing to be here through these difficult times, and say to you that your struggles will finally be over for good very shortly as we proceed with the purification of your world.

Remain patient. We assure you that you do not have long to wait now. The next phase of our operation is about to commence, and you will see just what we have been so busy with for many long months and years. The scope of these proceedings is quite enormous, and we are sure many of you will soon see just why none of this could be rushed and patience was instead called for to see the desired outcome achieved. These many investigations and legal processes took many thousands of hours of manpower, and the men and women of your human family who have taken part and have given these processes so much of their time, effort, and dedication, deserve much gratitude from their fellow brethren, and we see a day soon when you will have the opportunity to make your appreciation made known to them.

Until then, continue to do all you can on your side of the ball setting the table for these many connected events. We see all the hard work so many of you are doing and we thank you greatly for your efforts to bring about the changes that will clear the path to your new home and your membership within the Galactic community. The benefits of which are great and are many, and we are confident you will clearly understand that all your hard work has been well worth your efforts. Continue on now with your work and expect to see fireworks in the near days ahead. We assure you that you will not be disappointed. You have earned all you are to receive and this is your day, and we wish you to all enjoy it as it will be a day worthy of celebration.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light.

As channeled through Greg Giles


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To Gregg,

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For all these years of Friendship,
Guidance and Enlightment.

Ascension Earth 2012

Farewell from Ascension Earth!

I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you for visiting Ascension Earth over the past few years and making this site, what I consider, such a wonderful and very surprising success since my first post way back in January of 2011. I never dreamed this site would receive just shy of 10 million page views since then, and I want to thank you all again for stopping in from time to time for a visit. I hope you have found some of the content interesting as well as educational, and I want everyone to know that I only shared content I believed to be factual at the time of publication, though I may have reached differing understandingsconcerning some of the subject matter as time has past. All of the content that has been shared here at Ascension Earth was shared with the goal of provoking contemplation and conversation, leading to a raising of consciousness, an ascension of consciousness. That's what ascension is to me.

I have made a decision to move on from here, but I will always remember and always cherish the friendships I have made along this twisting journey since launching this site, what feels like a lifetime ago now. I wish all of you the greatest success in each and every endeavor you shall undertake, and I hope each of you are graced with peace, love & light every step of the way as you continue your never ending journey through this incredibly breathtaking and ever mysterious universe we share together.


Morgan Kochel says:

Conversation with
A Man Who Went to Mars
by Morgan Kochel

…And there you have it! This was the end of our discussion about the Mars mission, but I have remained in touch with Chad. At this point, I hope to be able to convince him to do a video or TV interview, but of course, there will be more than a few obstacles to overcome, the main one being that he may currently be in some danger if he goes public.

Furthermore, there is always the barrier of peoples' understandable skepticism.

As I said in the beginning, I cannot verify this story for anyone, nor is my intent to convince anyone of its veracity. My goal is only to help him get his story heard, because if this story IS true, the people of this planet are being lied to on a grand scale, and perhaps this will eventually help the UFO Disclosure Movement. It's time for the lies to be uncovered, and time for the truth -- whatever that may be -- to be known once and for all.

a man



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February 7, 2013 - 7:00pm EST